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"I found myself deeply involved in this story, unwilling to put it down for any length of time until I found out what was going to happen! If you love danger, intrigue, and rapidly developing plots that rush the characters toward a dramatic ending, you will love Predetermined Endings!"

~Manic Readers

"...There are many sets of characters in this book who are all developed brilliantly! They became so real that I could feel their pain and triumphs! You don't want to miss this book! I can't wait to see what Destiny writes next!"

~Goodreads Review by Lisa

"...If you want romance, mystery, and action, look no further for your perfect read...With recurring characters from the first in the series, Altered Beginnings, Predetermined Endings blends the old and new characters together quite nicely. The Outer Banks series offers intriguing story lines, and memorable characters that keep you hooked and wanting to read more."

~Jennifer Brown

Author of In Jen's Words: Facing the Issues (2010)

"...The author is a talented suspense writer... I would recommend this book to a friend..."

~Coffee Time Romance & More

"This was a gripping novel right from the opening sentence and I could not put it down. There were so many twists and turns and I loved how it kept you guessing and even rooting for the “bad” person throughout the novel. I am looking forward to reading many more novels by this very talented author.

This novel will keep you guessing and will make you want to read it over and over again. It is actually back on my list for books to read and I want to read it again. Not many books after being read, make this list so that tells you how much I enjoyed it.

I would highly recommend this novel to everyone!!!"

~Book Goddess No 1

(Book 2 of the Outer Banks Series-Read as a series, or enjoy each book alone.)



Angelica Chappell’s story makes huge headlines.  Only a few months ago, she released a new pharmaceutical drug called Krytonix that effectively slows the spread of cancer cells.  She has no idea her story will attract the attention of a serial killer.  Suddenly, she is a target whether she realizes it or not.  This killer is interested in more than her life.  He wants her reputation, too.  His first mission is to sabotage Krytonix.

William Pierce worked undercover for the FBI for five years to bring down a ruthless mobster that he ultimately is forced to kill.  Two months passes by since that assignment.  Still, William saw things he couldn’t talk about.  He did things he couldn’t talk about.  He believes his soul is damned.  Returning to “normal” everyday life isn’t an option.  He isn’t the same man he used to be.  He refuses to return to FBI headquarters.  He becomes a rogue agent with an agenda.

These two characters literally collide when Pierce's agenda leads him to Chappell. It will take both of them to keep Angelica alive and to figure out who is trying to kill her. William soon finds himself developing feelings for Angelica. Too bad for her killer, William worked as a trained killer for the mob. Will he find her killer and hand him over to the legal system to see that justice is served or will he search and destroy?



She wished he would leave her alone. She even considered putting up the optional privacy window between the front and back of the car. Of course she wasn’t okay. Didn’t he understand just how serious this situation was?
“Want me to turn the radio to that funky station you like?”
The “funky” music he referred to was a hip-hop channel that played a combination of some rock, some rhythm and blues, and a bit of rap. It was actually the most listened to station of the area. It was also Patrick’s favorite. The old man had odd
tastes. One of her grandfather’s rules was that the station had to be turned off, or tuned into a classical station unless otherwise requested by the passenger. That rule applied to Chappell family or guests. Patrick was asking if she wanted that
music so he could listen to what he really wanted to. She wondered if he knew she was onto his little deception.
“Sure,” she said.
“Here you go.”
A new Justin Timberlake song filled the car. It didn’t help Angelica to relax. Her chest burned with stress and fear. The air she breathed actually hurt. Her life as she knew it could be over.
After another couple of minutes, Patrick tried again to start a conversation. “This will blow over, honey. Trust me. Everything does. People aren’t going to blame you. Everybody loves you.”
He was so wrong on so many levels. The public would want someone to blame and she would get that honor. She would be crucified. She expected that reaction and it was justifiable. She knew the burden was hers. Truth be told, she didn’t care what people thought and never had. Why should she? She never saw anyone outside of the lab anyway. She didn’t care if people hated her because of Krytonix. She did care that people were going to die because of her drug. It was her failure. It was her responsibility to figure out what was wrong. People’s lives were on the line. She accepted that accountability.
“Oh shit. Hang on.”
The hair on Angelica’s neck stood up when she heard the panic in Patrick’s statement. Her stomach nosedived to her feet and returned in utter turmoil. Her eyes darted to the road to find the source of the problem. They were close to home, a quiet part of town where tourists didn’t venture and traffic was far less dense. The road was curvy, leading to a steep grade to the top of a deserted hillside that held
the Chappell Mansion.
“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Patrick said again.
They were traveling much too fast for the winding road, even heading uphill. Patrick was wildly stomping on the brake, but nothing was happening. The car continued to accelerate as if he held the gas to the floor. He fought for control of the steering
wheel, but it looked as if it simply rotated round and round with the ease of an arcade game. Patrick’s face was flushed bright crimson and sweating, his eyes wide and glazed.
“Do something!” Angelica cried in desperation, torn between shock and fear.
It was obvious Patrick was doing his best. The sharp curve before them would be upon them in seconds, and unless some kind of miracle intervened, they were going straight ahead—over a sand dune and into the ocean.
Angelica grabbed onto the seat and held as tightly as she could. The car continued to accelerate. Everything seemed loud. Patrick was groaning. The radio was blasting. The roar of the tires was like drums beating a tune of anticipation.
In the last second, when all possible hope of rescue was gone, Patrick screamed. Angelica dipped her head in her lap and closed her eyes. The Lord’s Prayer was on her lips when she felt the car lurch into the air and plummet into empty space.

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Meet the Characters

Predetermined Endings

Did you hear the cries of labor,
the announcement of God’s favor,
to a man and woman,
for reasons you cannot summon?

Did you feel the sting of pain,
the continuum of sacrifice for gain,
to get a job and house,
for the sprint to success like a mouse?

Did you realize the price of life,
the philosophy from Adam’s wife,
to sample want and desire,
for the result of brimstone and fire?

Did you hope the pursuit of glory,
the manifest destiny of riches by story,
to have recognition and fame,
for a journey no man overcame?

Did you know the result of all,
the fate waiting beyond the gate so tall,
to teach every person and organism,
for a universal truth, not cynicism?

Did you hate the epiphany of time,
the uncomfortable psalm spoken in rhyme,
to justify the birth and beginning,
for setting a course with only one predetermined ending?
Destiny Booze

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