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"A haunted past that comes back, a sex club, dirty cops, a hitman, drugs, the FBI, an old boyfriend, reporters, romance and sandy beaches. Altered Beginnings grabs you right from the start and keeps you reading."

~Book Reader Fairy (Romance in the Backseat Reviews)

"New author, Destiny Booze, shows real writing potential in her debut novel, Altered Beginnings. The story was interesting from beginning to end, and I was genuinely surprised by some of the twists in the plot. The heroine was interesting and anything but clichéd..."

~Goodreads Review by Deviousfairie

"Ms. Booze has written a provocative story here. It grabs the reader from page one and keeps them reading through the end. The grammar and technical writing is spot on, keeping the reader in the story and not distracting from the action."

~Long and Short Reviews

"...I loved this story from beginning to end as well as everything in between. The characters were well developed and I could see and feel everything that they were seeing and feeling..."

~Mind Fog Reviews

"My 82 yr. old grandmother started reading this at 9 p.m. as she generally reads before falling asleep. She tried to sleep but the thoughts about this book and the action made her want to continue reading it. She had read it before she realized that it came to an end. That was at 2 a.m. All of us reading it here in Maine loved it and everyone has said they will look for your next book as an author they'd love to read from again."

~Facebook Comment by Anastasia Cassella-Young

"...Leigh is fascinating, and Jason is intriguing as the intrepid journalist. The friendship she has with her brother and former best friend give the tale a warmth that the extremely serious mystery needs. The drugs, prostitution, and violence can be harsh, but the players' concern for others keeps the story encouraging. The dialogue is well done, and relatively clean for a book dealing with violence. While the bad guy is known early, the reasons are worth waiting for. ...this is a very interesting book. The dual love stories added to the book and were a perfect platform for changing loyalties. The sequel is set up well, without being flagrant. I look forward to reading it when it comes out."

~Coffee Time Romance & More

"The book keeps me wanting to come back for more. It was very hard to put down. very exciting and excellent to read. The author is great. I hope to see more of her books"

~Barnes and Noble Review by Teresa21

"What a book. This is a 220 some page book that was packed with information, drama, romance, etc. It only took me a couple of days of reading and that is with interruptions. The writer doesn't give you a lot of unnecessary information. She makes all the necessary information available in short and sweet words. The characters and traits were right on the mark. For a short book there was a jam pack excitement and thriller."

~Barnes and Noble Review by smd_569

"This was really a fantastic book. Others that I have shared the book with just can't say enough good things. One friend bought the book to take on vacation for a "beach read" but couldn't wait after she read the first page and read the whole book before even leaving for vacation...said she just couldn't put the book down. Good work Destiny."

~Amazon Review by Becky Booze

(Book 1 of the Outer Banks Series-Read as a series, or enjoy each book alone.)



The headline in the small town newspaper read Young Woman Missing, Presumed Dead or Worse.

Leigh Lawson returned to Nags Head, North Carolina after four years with a huge shock. That big and bold headline was about her! Everyone thought she was dead!

The truth was that she was doing well. While gone, she had gotten clean from drugs and worked hard to get her bachelor’s degree in engineering. With her life back on track, she returns home in hope that she will receive a warm welcome. Instead, she gets the townsfolks' disdain.

Everyone hates her, everyone except Jason Altarez, an ambitious and resilient reporter with his sights locked on Leigh. He chases her with oozing charm and romance, but does he really want her or is he after his next story?

Leigh’s life soon spirals out of control when the police recruit her for an undercover assignment. They want her to go back to the life of her troubled teenage years, back into the drugs, and help them to bring the local drug supplier to conviction. It may be Leigh’s only chance to redeem herself with her family and friends. If she can complete this one assignment, the town will forgive her. The only problem is that she needs to figure out how to stay alive in the process…

Jason is her continuous partner through it all, proving his dedication to her as he struggles to keep her safe. Leigh wants to believe he is a man of his word. She wants to believe that her heart isn’t completely foolish for falling for him, especially when she discovers evidence that Jason may be working for the very drug dealer that Leigh is trying to have arrested. Will he betray her in the end or will he demonstrate the most romantic notion of all – that love at first sight truly exists?



“I’ve got to find her. She could be in danger,” Emma mumbled and turned to leave.

“No, Emma, listen to me. You have to stay out of the middle of this!”

She glared at him. “She doesn’t have anyone, Shawn.”

He groaned loudly, and cursed again. Emma needed to stay away! Why was he always unable to say no to this woman?

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll come with you.”

He had to convince her to try Jason’s house before going after Freddie Garrett like the crazy woman had a mind to do. He thought she was unreasonable and overemotional and impossible to please, but he also knew he was madly in love with her. “I’m pretty sure she’s with Ice. She took off the earrings earlier, but the team said they were sure she was with a guy.”

It didn’t take them long to make the trip. A Lexus pulled up behind them in the driveway. It was Jason. “What are you guys doing here? What’s wrong?”

Emma answered. “We’re looking for Leigh.”

Jason swallowed back the panic that those words immediately caused. Leigh was probably just inside. Why the hell hadn’t he come straight home like he’d wanted to? Because Nate said he needed your help and you couldn’t say no, and you convinced yourself that she was smart enough to wait for you. “I just got home. Let’s see if she’s here,” he said calmly.

No one expected to see the house in shambles or Leigh on her knees in Jason’s living room when they walked in. Slick stood in front of her where it looked as if he’d just pushed her there. The air of the house grew thick with expectation as Slick pointed a gun at the three in the doorway. “Come in and shut the door,” he said.

They did as they were told. Instinct directed everyone’s hands up in the air. Leigh was staring at the floor, her face hidden behind her thick, black hair.

Shawn took a step closer, but made no move to draw his own weapon. No one spoke at first, afraid to disrupt the scene or upset the man with the gun.

Slick directed his attention to Jason. “I did a little redecorating. Hope you don’t mind, Ice.” Then, he looked to Shawn. “Just the man I’m looking for. My boss would like to see you, Shawn.”

Emma gasped. Jason’s eyes remained glued to Leigh. Shawn said, “Let my sister go.”

The look in Slick’s eyes never wavered. He continued to look Shawn in the eye when he suddenly backhanded Leigh across the face so hard that a noise echoed in the room as if he’d hit a wall.

Leigh moaned softly. She still did not look at anyone, eyes shut and head bent to the floor.

Jason reacted without thinking when he charged Slick. He was brought up short when the gun redirected to point between his eyes. “Don’t be a hero,” Slick’s velvety voice murmured.

The emotion could be seen surging through Jason as veins popped from his neck. “Stop this!” he roared.

Slick kicked Leigh in the side and repeated, “My boss would like to offer you a job, Shawn.”

Emma began to cry.

Shawn only stared.

Leigh took another kick that made her scream in pain.

Shawn broke his silence. “What do you want from me?”

“You’re a pretty smart guy. I’m sure you can figure out what it means to be on Freddie’s payroll.”

Slick jerked Leigh back to her knees and punched her. “I need an answer, Shawn.”

Emma cried out, “Please, stop this!”

Shawn stepped forward. Tears glistened in his eyes. “Okay, okay, I’ll do it.”

Slick withdrew a wad of cash from his right pocket and threw it on the floor. “That will get you started. Freddie will expect to see you at the club to confirm that answer. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I’ll be back to finish this if you don’t cooperate, and I mean soon.”

As soon as the man was gone, Jason was by Leigh’s side. “Leigh, talk to me, sweetheart.”

She was unconscious.

“Call 9-1-1!”

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Meet the Characters

Altered Beginnings

A twist of fate at conception,
When she gave into temptation,
Written in history as betrayal and sin,
A spiral of what one indiscretion could begin.

A child was born into hate,
When the regrets came too late,
For the judgment is persecution,
A life sentence of permanent absolution.

The child will never understand,
When she follows the footsteps in the sand,
Molded by the past toward a dark attraction,
A plot on the line from a genetic connection.

The continuous trouble was expected,
When normal adolescence and much worse intersected,
Changed by the orphanage and its crimes,
A natural evolution while serving her time.

A damaged reputation beyond repair,
When the circumstances had not been fair,
Unloved and unwanted by all,
A child that did not know to stop her fall.

A wish upon an unreachable star,
When just once she fought to raise the bar,
Puppeteered into the direction of a deadly ending,
A design not of choice but of an Altered Beginning.

The woman once child changes by declaration,
When she ends her own judgment at present duration,
Chosen to take a better road and turn life around,
A universal epiphany that joy requires that peace is found.
Destiny Booze

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