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Ten years ago, Kenneth Landry killed twelve children in the Virginia Beach area. His wife was his last victim before he disappeared with his youngest daughter, leaving his older daughter, Michaela Landry, alone to face the horror and tragedy left behind.

But Michaela didn’t face it. She fled. She ran away from foster care and found shelter and a new life with a family on a horse ranch in Buena Vista, Virginia. An adult now, she’s left the nightmare in the past—until the morning she saves a little girl’s life and ends up on that evening’s news.

Everything will change in an instant. The past returns. A little girl goes missing.

Luke Ashtor is chasing the next big story. And Michaela is it. He’ll pursue her, her story, and her family’s legacy if he can keep her safe…

Because Kenneth Landry is killing again.


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For Fun:

Behind His Perfect Smile

Place value on the soul and judgement on the heart.

Eyes cannot see what truly sets men apart.

Riches spread cheer and grandeur for those full of greed.

Forms of evil hide within, monsters fulfilling their needs.

Every fool believes the handsome man’s grin.

Consider the words of that liar, measure the intent of that sin.

True perfection is the lie. Seek revelation…or…you will die.

Destiny Booze